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Are you looking for ways to make money online? Great then you’re at the right place and I will help you out!

The Internet is fully of loads of opportunities for you to earn some money on the side or even quit your job and use to support you full time, which would be great, right! There are millions of people already making a living out of the Internet, so why not you!


There are 3.2 billion people on this planet connected to the Internet and I am sure you know from your own Internet use, a lot of people regularly spend a lot of their time and money using the Internet. People buy clothes, groceries and, well, pretty much anything online!

Here are some great reasons to make money online (if you need any convincing 🙂 );

  • Geographical and financial freedom
  • Be your own boss
  • Flexibility in what you do – how much and when?
  • Can connect with people all over the world
  • Great opportunity to help out others and provide value
  • Could turn a hobby or a side project into a full time income

Just think: you could be earning money almost anywhere in the world, whilst you’re on a beach, at a dream holiday destination or your own sofa. Before you’ve even got changed!

What to look for when making money online?

I’m sure, like me, you are excited about making money online or have at least considered it. But you need to beware that there are people who are willing to take advantage of your dreams and, well, scam you.

So, it’s really important you know who you are dealing with when you sign up to an affiliate program or selling platform. You’re putting a lot on the line here. Your time and effort. Your income and livelihood. And maybe your family’s as well.

This is not something to be taken lightly. Take some time to check out everything you’re going to use when you are going to make money online. Do your due diligence on your suppliers, the online tools you will use, and even your customers.

How to avoid make money online scams?

You can get scammed offline and in person, but online a lot of the ways you would detect someone who was trying to defraud you are not available. Everything is through a computer screen. No phone call. No face to face meeting. You can’t use your ‘spidey senses’ or your gut feeling seeing someone’s facial expressions and body language.

With that in mind, make sure you deal with reputable people, companies and sites, that you can trust and more importantly know how you can trust them. Trust in any relationship is so important, just like trust in professional relationships online.

Scammers will promise the earth, take your cash and then be nowhere to be seen. I would say it would be a good idea for you not to hand over any of your cash for any registration, sign up and administration fees.

That’s not to say that online businesses or side gigs don’t have start up costs, but you really shouldn’t have to give any money upfront to a service that will supposedly help you earn money before trying it out for free first.

Want a great way to make money online?

Well duh! Of course you do! I am determined for you and me to achieve our dreams of making money online together. I (pinky) promise to help you accomplish them! What I have found is that with consistent effort (and maybe a little help from me) you will find a way to make money online. That maybe as a successful side hustle, a full time living or whatever you want.

In the meantime, a great place to make you first dollar, pound or euro, is eBay. This is a great place to start. Just have a look around your house and apartment and just pick out any old junk you don’t need and stick it on eBay. We ALL have things lying around we don’t need any more and someone will want to buy it on eBay! Here is my guide to making your first sale on eBay.

Another great place to get your online hustle going, is somewhere I have been using for a few months. I have started to see some success now I have been consistent and dedicating more time to it.

This amazing place you have to visit is Wealthy Affiliate. At Wealthy Affiliate, you can learn how to earn money online from some great training programs, webinars and from a HUGE, amazing online community.

You can pay for Wealthy Affiliate, and I do, it’s great. The amazing thing is you can access so much of the training and tools, like starting and owning your websites, for FREE.

If you have any questions or any thoughts about this, leave me a comment below and I’ll get back to you in a snap!

Or just tell me what you’re selling on eBay! 🙂


  1. Wenda says:

    Just a quick note to let you know … Great Article, I used this in a recent online webinar where I showed my blogging students the types of layouts that drive traffic and how doesn’t matter how pretty it is… it needs to have valuable and engaging information!

  2. Hello and thanks for sharing, it is amazing off the many ways that a person can make money online. Wealthy affiliate is a great place to start because of the training model that the have. Anyone from any walk of life can build a website and start a successful on line business, the key is in following step by step the training and the rest is history. Wealthy affiliate is truly a community that helps each members to have success.

    1. Sean Dean ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      Hi Norman, thank you for getting in touch! Glad to hear you agree regarding how great the Wealthy Affiliate community is. And I agree it is exciting how you can make a success of affiliate marketing from all walks of life. Thanks Sean

  3. Great information here. Affiliate marketing does seem like flexible way to help others and pursue something you’re passionate about, if you’re willing to put in the work. There’s a lot to learn, but the Wealthy Affiliate site has everything you need to learn those skills.

  4. Craig says:

    You are absolutely right about Wealthy Affiliate being THE place for those interested in affiliate marketing. The amount of information and training they provide is amazing and the community there is always more than willing to help. The fact that they give you the opportunity to try it for free (or even stay free indefinitely) is fantastic.

    The number of people buying and selling online every day is hard to visualise, and that number grows daily. Wealthy Affiliate gives you the opportunity to connect with those people and grow your own business. Who wouldn’t want that?

    1. englishriviera85 ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      Hi Craig thanks for getting in touch. Yeah the Wealthy Affiliate community is great, really good to know there are plenty of people to help you achieve your goals. Thanks Sean

  5. Jake Powell says:

    Great informative post here with a lot of information and advice i will use to carry on my online venture. Wealthy Affiliate sure seems like the place to go in Affiliate Marketing.

    1. Sean Dean ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      Hi Jake, good to hear from you! Oh yeah I would definitely advise anyone interested in affiliate marketing to sign up to Wealthy Affiliate, I mean, it’s FREE! Thanks Sean

  6. Simon says:

    I too have joined Wealthy Affiliate and their help and support is first class.
    There is help under each training module where you can ask away. Receive instant answers though their live chat box and write out more detailed questions to the community. It’s amazing how many members offer help, even the founder members jump in.
    There’s also their full library regarding everything blogging related plus live and recorded seminars.
    I couldn’t ask for anymore, it’s all In-house,

    1. Sean Dean ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      Hi Simon, thanks for getting in touch! Wealthy Affiliate is a great training resource and gives you everything you need to succeed in affiliate marketing. Like you said, there are so many great training resources in different formats. Just add some consistent hard work! 🙂 Sean

  7. Eli says:

    Hi Sean,

    There are many ways to earn money online like selling your own stuff or even by just doing surveys but the greatest of them all is affiliate marketing because of the endless possibilities that it have simply because there are billions out there using the internet who might need the products that you are promoting. Being a member of the Wealthy Affiliate, I do agree with you that it gives the best training and the community in WA is amazing. I wish you good luck to your business and keep it up.



    1. Sean Dean ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      Hi Eli, great to hear from you! Yeah affiliate marketing has endless opportunities and allows people to follow what they enjoy doing. Wealthy Affiliate has been great to me too, especially the community. It can be difficult doing this on your own and a bit lonely, so it’s just nice at the very least to know you can go on your journey with others too! Thanks Sean

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