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Hey everyone, my name is Sean Dean and I am the author of StartingYourSideHustle.com. I have started this website because I want what you want. And that is freedom. I want freedom to have the life that I want, to be able to travel and see the world. It would be great to be in control of my finances and not to have to worry about rent, bills or having enough money in my retirement.

I also want the freedom to use my passions and hobbies to create a business that I can call my own and something I can really pour myself into. If I am right, and you want something like this for yourself, then let’s do this together. I really want to connect with you guys. So we provide value for each other and support each other on this journey.

So a little bit about my journey. I graduated from university seven years ago and have been living and working in London. As you may know can be very expensive. When I say it’s expensive, I mean it is not easy to find somewhere that doesn’t take up a chunk out of your paycheck for a shoe box to sleep in and keep all your stuff. It’s difficult to go out for a decent meal without spending more than £20 or finding a good ‘pint’ for less than a fiver.

In all this time, I have not been able to save any money, am no closer to buying my own house or apartment, so I will have to keep paying a lot for rent for the foreseeable future.

But I don’t want this to come across as a sob story or a tale of woe. Because it isn’t. I live here because London is a great city, I have a great life here, with a girlfriend I love, a great job and a fantastic group of friends. What this brief story is, is my motivation for working in my spare time to develop a side gig, or three if need be, to help go to the places I want to, live the life I want to and not be shackled by my finances.

So this website is going to be a place where I talk about the different ways I have been earn, making and hustling money outside of my nine to five. I am going to let you know what has worked for me, what has not worked for me and go into some real detail either way. It will be as if you are looking over my shoulder whilst I am typing on my laptop 🙂

I would love to talk to you guys about your motivations and your experiences in ‘side hustling’, so get in touch with me and let’s talk! Leave me a comment below, contact me at my Wealthy Affiliate profile or if you’re in London. I will let you buy me an espresso 🙂


  1. Just skimmed through your site. Well presented, but yeah, not sure about the photo lol. I’d use a shot that’s not so close-up too. It may be a bit intimidating to some. (and not show your stubble haha)

  2. Hi Sean,

    There’s no standard content in “About Me Page” and I know every time we can revise and put something in it.

    I don’t know of your intentions on your picture, as if you want me feel stiff neck after viewing it, lol.

    1. Sean Dean ( User Karma: 0 ) says:

      Hi Jimmy, great to hear from you. Yeah, having some trouble with the featured image option. I wanted to show a picture of me, but the right way up and not THAT big! Look forward to connecting with you further, thanks Sean

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